Formica countertops,wall tiles, and cultured marble vanities sinks are durables,and last a long time.But some point,you may want to give your formica countertop,wall tiles, or vanities a facelift,with a look of granite. Want to save money  instead of expensive granite counters, a sprayable coating composition is usefull for forming a simulated granite surface having high-impact strength, superior hardness and an aesthetically-pleasent look. The coating composition has a gel coat and granules which include thermoplastic and thermoset plastic components. This Faux granite allows you to achieve dramatic and visually appealing effects,which can only be achieved by subtle blending of color and texture.The mottled appearence helps camouflage surface imperfections,which allows the old surface to look better longer. Faux granite has a depht and richness of texture not found in other multicolor coatings on the market today. Much less expensive to apply and maintain than replacing the original surface. Most commonly used on kitchen countertops,and bathroom vanities, faux granite also be used on bathtubs,tile walls,fiberglass,cultured marble to provide a simulated-granite appearence. It,s truly and amazing transformation turning your formica countertops or cultured marble vanities to stone look a like
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Fixtures That look like Granite
formica countertop has damaged an cuts

another angle from the countertop it has been prep. before
another angle from the counter top with faux granite

sameFormica countertop after
Faux granite was applied
Formica countertop
other side of the countertop, this counter has been used the very next day

Charcoal Slate
Summit Gray
Great Granite
Galena Gray
Balmoral Red
Galena Gray

Color selections
The Faux  Granite colors shown on this sample page,are very close to the actual colors,due to the print and other conditions are all liable to vary. .Please call for a free estimate,, and bring you the color charts and samples
       formica counter top           (before)
       formica counter top      (after)