Frequently Asked Questions

        You will save up to 75% of the cost of tearing out the 
        existing bathtub,or tiles wallboard,etc.Reglazing is     
        much less expensive and much more convenient than 

         This answer varies with the areas used. Refinished            
         surfaces should last eight years plus with proper care.

       These finishes are custom engineered for these surfaces 
       and are abrasion and stain resistant. 

        NO.This is a specially formulated series of coatings that 
        are  designed to work together.The durability, 
        hardness,and texture of our applied coatings are far 
        superior to the kits of epoxy that are sold in home 
        improvement stores.

        We will remove  the old 
        material from the bathtub before applying  a
        new coating.

       Definitely NOT.You probably will not be able to tell the
       the difference between a new bathtub and a refinished
       one.Refinishing will make that old chipped, stained, or 
       color-dated item look like new again.

        The whole process  will take no more than 4 hours,and
        your bathtub or fixtures can be used after 24 hours.

        Ceramic tiles, vanity sinks, acrylic materials (fiberglass 
        tubs,fiberglass shower enclosures, acrylics tubs, 
        cultured  marble roman tubs, shower pans countertops, 
        Kitchen cabinets. You have the choice of the color.

       This treatment is warrantied for five years against          
       defects  in materials or workmanship, with proper care  
       maintenance your tub and fixtures can last up to 20       

        These answers should help with some of your questions.
        If you do not find your answer here, feel free to call.

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